A Report from the 6th National Congress of Laboratory Medicine
Contributed by Dr. Manole Cojocaru, President of Congress

The 6th National Congress of Laboratory Medicine with international participation (under the auspices of IFCC, FESCC, BCLF, WASPaLM, under the high patronage of Academy of Medical Sciences) was held in conjunction with the 2nd Symposium of Immunopathology and the 2nd National Congress for Clinical Laboratory Assistants at Cercul Militar from October 11-13, 2007 in the special ambiance in beautiful city Sibiu (European Cultural Capital in 2007 together with Luxemburg), localized in the center of Romania. The coming to Sibiu is both extraordinary and miraculous (it was founded over 800 years ago). Sibiu has a fascinating history, enriched by the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity for which it is well-known. The venue offers a unique opportunity to intensively interact with colleagues of various specialties: molecular biology, hematology, microbiology, immunology, clinical chemistry, genetics…

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